Agorist Theses

Based on An Agorist Manifesto in 95 Theses by Kyle Bennett.

agora (1) - n. A place of congregation, an ancient Greek marketplace.
agora (2) - n. A market free of forceable regulation, taxation, and government
(The) Agora - The aggregate of all such markets of any size.

Agorist Thesis #1 - Trade that is unregulated, untaxed, and unmonitored is the natural right of all human beings.
Agorist Thesis #2 - In a voluntary trade, both parties receive more than they give up, otherwise neither would trade.
Agorist Thesis #3 - Nobody gets taken advantage of through mutually voluntary trade.
Agorist Thesis #4 - Taxation forces people to pay for things that aren't worth the cost.
Agorist Thesis #5 - Government regulation forces people to abstain from trades they would otherwise voluntarily make.
Agorist Thesis #6 - Markets collect, organize, and distribute information more rapidly, accurately, fairly, and efficiently than any central authority could ever do, even with superior resources.
Agorist Thesis #7 - Prices are information.
Agorist Thesis #8 - Force distorts market information.