Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Agorist Thesis #4

Agorist Thesis #4 - Taxation forces people to pay for things that aren't worth the cost.

This one is obvious just in the premise of what taxation is.  Taxation is a threat of taking away your property with whatever force necessary if you don't pay.  If it was worth paying, everyone would do it voluntarily, and government wouldn't have to threaten force to make you pay for its services.

Taxation forces individuals to pay for foreign wars of aggression, bailouts, subsidies, and monopolies on such a massive scale that it could not possibly be sustainable in a voluntary society.

Taxation takes away market accountabilities - such as consumer sovereignty and profit/loss signals, and replaces them with less effective systems such as voting, bureaucracy, etc.  While there may be checks and balances in certain governmental systems, these never come close to the efficiency of which a market of voluntary exchanges operates.

In a market environment, you get to vote with your dollar - every time you chose to buy or not buy a good or service.  You put your money where you subjectively think it will best serve you - whether it be food, education, entertainment, retirement or savings, protection of your property - whatever you want.

Agorist Theses originally from An Agorist Manifesto by Kyle Bennett.


  1. You need to pay a tax for pretty much everything the GOVERNMENT thinks of... not YOU... :/

  2. Everyday we have to pay taxes for everything.

    good post!

  3. I agree, there is a lot of stuff that the gov't uses our tax dollars for that I dont agree with! Good post!

  4. we pay tax and we pay all the rest.

  5. uncle sam want's us to pay taxes... :/