Sunday, October 30, 2011

Agorist Thesis #2

Agorist Thesis #2 - In a voluntary trade, both parties receive more than they give up, otherwise neither would trade.

This is pretty straightforward.  In all voluntary trade, those who trade get more out of it that what they give up, otherwise they wouldn't trade.

This is why I work for my boss, this is why I'm able to buy food with the money I earn from my labor, etc.  I get more out of trade than I give up, otherwise I wouldn't trade.

It comes back to the truth that all value is relative.  I may want a new phone more than I want a new computer,but there isn't a specific number I could tie to in order to say how much I want the new phone more than the computer.

And for some simple, yet informative introduction to economics, I really recommend this video:

Agorist Theses originally from An Agorist Manifesto by Kyle Bennett.

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